Entertainment Technology for a Better Tomorrow


#3rd place of APPCIRCUS Caracas 2016




We are a passionate family for quality and good work. After ranking among the top teams in the world in skills Programming ACM-ICPC and famous participation in the Final in Tokyo - Japan (2007) and Banff - Canada (2008) of those powers, we decided to take a step forward in entrepreneurship and creative implementation of innovative technologies, in order to provide better present through the proactive use of technologies and developments of the future. 

We characterize and differentiate our strong service, Creative Great Power, understanding and projecting different business areas, experience, knowledge Deep in Matter, Professionalism, Responsibility, Ethics and Common Sense, which work closely with each client to achieve the objectives and overall growth. 

In LAMEDAS, with over 8 years of experience in the area, using best practices, merge the classic with new technologies, to create designs, Development and Innovative, cutting-edge implementations, always pointing entrepreneurial spirit and positive change make the world a better place to live. 

Carlos Lameda

Carlos Lameda

Chief Executive Director 


Sheyny Ranalletta

Sheyny Ranalletta

Chief Financial Officer 









Augmented Reality in Education

We dream and work for a better tomorrow, we are passionate about knowledge and we know that these small readers when they get to know this technology, they will fall in love with the art of reading, we also know that the key development for countries is education And with these tools we give a contribution for a better tomorrow. We are not a window into the future, we are the future in the present.




Entertainment Technology for a Better Tomorrow



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